Flair is Introducing Low-Cost Flights to the US this Fall



When you’re Canadian wanting to plan a trip to our neighbours to the south, it can get discouraging when looking at prices of flights to a place that’s so close!

Well it looks like flights to the US of A are gonna be a bit more accessible, starting October 31st, Flair Airlines will be offering flights to a few major US cities, such as Fort Lauderdale, Orlando-Sanford, Hollywood-Burbank, Phoenix-Mesa, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas.

Here’s the catch, these flights leave only from 8 Canadian cities: Halifax, Montreal, Kitchener-Waterloo,Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Abbotsford, and Vancouver. 

But Edmontonians are lying if they say they’ve never driven to Calgary for a flight. ;)

(Especially a flight that costed $79-$109 one-way)