Grande Prairie Launches Women Only Designated Driving Service

This is huge news for the city of Grande Prairie, for women to feel like they have a truly safe way to get home after a night out is phenomenal.

Two weeks after its original launch date of Feb. 19th, “Sober Gals Designated Driving Services” is making its mark on this rural Alberta town. It’s gaining traction with the city and its residents, both receiving support from men and women of the Grande Prairie area.

Essentially Sober Gals is a car service ran by women and strictly provided for women, to ensure all females receive safe rides home from exclusively female drivers. As a young woman I can’t express enough how a service like this is truly needed when you’ve been out drinking. “Sober Gals” designated driving services are currently available Sunday through Monday, with double the staff on busy Friday and Saturday nights.

I would love to see an idea like this make its way to the streets of Edmonton. - @mariah.mae