Growing list of Hand Sanitizers recalled by Health Canada


16 hand sanitizers have been recalled through out the month of June by Health Canada due to the presence of industrial-grade ethanol. If you have purchased any of the products Health Canada recommends that you stop using them immediately. They could cause cracked skin and irration. If you have health concerns contact your health-care provider. 

List of recalled products:

  •  Gel Antiseptique Pour Les Mains, made by Megalab Inc.
  •  Germzero, made by Flash Beaute Inc.
  •  Tekare Instant Hand Cleanser Gel, made by TEKPolymer Inc.
  •  Protectenol Hand Sanitizer Liquid, made by Applied Lubrication Technology
  •  Tidol Hand Sanitizer 70%, made by Tidol Corporation
  •  Aktif Antiseptique instantane pour les mains, made by Laboratoire Hygienex Inc.
  •  Smart Care Hand Sanitizer, made by R&D Technical Solutions Ltd.
  •  X-Pure Vert-2-Go Gel, Wood Wyant Inc.
  •  Eltraderm Hand Sanitizer - 70% Ethyl Alcohol, made by Eltraderm Limited
  •  Hand Sanitizer, made by Contract Packaging Distributions Inc.
  •  Gel 700 Hand Sanitizer, made by Nature's Own Cosmetic Company Inc.
  •  Sanilabs Hand Sanitizer 70% Ethanol, made by Sanilabs Inc.
  •  Walker Emulsions Hand Sanitizer, made by Walker Emulsions Ltd.
  •  Hand Sanitizer Desinfectant pour les mains, made by Walker Emulsions Ltd.
  •  Dash Vapes Hand Sanitizer, made by DashVapes Inc.
  •  Isogel, made by Lalema Inc.

You can return the hand sanitizer to your local pharmacy to properly dispose of it or follow the guidelines for properly disposing of hazardous waste products.

For more information visit the CTV News article

- Katie Stanners