Have you noticed white ghost bikes around YEG - here is what they mean

@pjwikblad Patrick Wikblad

I recently noticed that each day on my drive home from work I pass a white motorcycle ghost bike on Groat Road. I did some digging to find the meaning of the memorials that appear to be in many places throughout YEG. This post is purely meant to answer the question others may have shared when passing said bikes. 

There is many throughout Edmonton and thanks to bikeedmonton.ca I was able to learn the answer faster than I thought. Each ghost bike carries it's own significance and I thought it was worth sharing with you.

BikeEdmonton.ca reports that 

Ghost Bikes, bicycles painted all-white and placed at the site where a person riding a bike has been killed, are small and sombre memorials for people killed by automobiles. The installations are meant as reminders of the tragedy that took place, and as quiet statements in support of the right of all people to safe travel.

Ghost Bikes do not lay blame or place fault. All road users need to pay attention to each other and share the road safely, and streets must be designed to allow everyone to travel in safety, including pedestrians and people on bikes. - BikeEdmonton.ca

For a list of the ghost bikes in Edmonton or more info BikeEdmonton.ca has it here: https://bikeedmonton.ca/ghost-bikes