Ice Walk tours now being offered in Jasper

Pursuit Collection Via YouTube

Ice Walk just like your fav Super Smash Bros character... Oh come on... Everybody loves The Ice Climbers..

Well it looks like this could be the next socially distant fun you eye up as long as we are permitted to do so, 

Pursuit Collection is touting the Maligne Canyon Ice Tour experience as 

Journey through a magical world of frozen ice and wonder at Jasper's deepest canyon. Our guide will lead you through a safe and beautiful exploration along the frozen canyon floor in Jasper National Park. It's a maze of fascinating natural ice sculptures. Then, head inside for a warm drink.

Tickets run about $69 for a 3 hour journey with a shuttle ride included as well as proper boots, ice cleats, helmet, and even a snack in the kitchen. Good news is apparently the run until about April 4th as well. 

It may not be Hawaii or Mexico but Alberta offers some nice staycation views on it's own.