Jenna Marbles Announces she's Quitting Youtube

jenna marbles

Jenna Marbles has released an apology video on YouTube addressing her past use of blackface and other racist jokes in her early videos. 

She's been making Youtube videos to a TON of success since 2010 and garnered over 23 million subscribers in that time. 

In the apology video titled "A Message" she mentions that that will be the last video on her channel "for some time" or possibly forever. 

She apologizes about a past music video with insensitive lyrics, a Nicki Minaj impersonation, and her past slut-shaming comments, mentioning, "I think I’m just going to move on from this channel for now. I don’t know if that’s forever. I don’t know how long it’s going to be. I want to make sure that the things that I put into the world are not hurting anyone. I’m just going to stop for now."