Life like animatronic dinosaurs coming to TWOSE

Telus World Of Science Edmonton

Telus World Of Science Edmonton is getting some big ol dinos!  

Expedition Dinosaur is the name of the exhibit and adult tickets are about $15. 

What does it entail?

*Obvs you can't go just yet as we are still in lockdown here in Alberta but you can add it to a future itinerary. 

Step back in time to a pre-historic world, surrounded by life-size and lifelike animatronic dinosaurs. As you journey through the exhibition you will learn all about the everlasting hunt for dinosaur fossils in the early 20th century and discover the painstaking methods paleontologists use to uncover and preserve these hidden marvels.

Expedition: Dinosaur Vouchers are now available! This exhibition will be FREE for Members but other guests can purchase a voucher (later redeemable for tickets) to be among the first to experience this incredible exhibition when it opens in the new year.

Visit for more details!