Montreal Originated “Garage & Dynamite” Closing Canadian Stores

This is just a tragedy for every 14-30 something year old female out there today. Honestly, BOTH Dynamite & Garage stores have suited my fashion needs from the ages of going to the mall before I could even drive, to snagging a cute blazer for my new job.

To say this is a loss is an understatement. This morning a new press release from ‘Groupe Dynamite INC.’ stated that they’ve been managing with the ever changing retail challenges that COVID-19 is posing – but now it’s finally catching up to the company & they’ve had to make a tough decision to restructure.

The press release states that they’ve been a staple and mogul in the Montreal retail clothing culture since that late 70’s, it’s incredible. The company has also made it very clear that while no longer unavoidable changes must take place, they will do everything they can to make sure existing staff does not suffer from closing stores.

Take a read below – RIP Garage & Dynamite - @mariah.mae