Move over Gingerbread Houses, Halloween comes first.

You may have already noticed some of these tasty treats on the shelves but it would appear there are some new spooky products out for Halloween this year. 

This is the Oreo Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Cookie kit that you can make. Basically the equivalent to a gingerbread house, just scarier and I bet the oreos taste better than those rock hard gingerbread cookies that you use for walls.

Can get the Cookie kit at Michaels. Walmart is also putting out it’s own line of Spooky build-a-treats this year. They've made an entire line of Halloween and Fall Baking Kits.

To be honest when I was at the store and my 5 year old was whining for them I was like this is TOO much but then on the other hand looking at these photos makes me incredibly hungry… 


·         Katie Stanners