Mr. Rogers' Moving Speech from 1969


In 1969, Fred Rogers sat before the Senate Committee on Commerce to try and save a budget of $20 million dollars allocated for public television. The budget was scheduled to be cut in half until Fred tossed on his cape (red zip-up sweater) and saved the day.

I revisit this clip at least once a year to watch a master at work. His slow and deliberate speech is mezmorinzing.

At the beginning of the video the man he's talking to doesn't seem to treat him with the respect that he deserves. But over time, Mr. Roger's wins him over by pulling hard on the heart strings.

If you haven't seen it yet, 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood' is an incredible movie starring Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers. Don't expect a bio pic! This movie is a snapshot of a moment in time when an Esquire reporter was sent to do a 'puff piece' on our chilhood hero. Things did not turn out the way he thought they would.

- Cruise