MTV VMA's - Say Goodbye to Chrome 'Moonman'



When you think of the MTV Video Music Awards statuettes, you have a very distinct image in your mind of a little chrome astronaut. 

Since the dawn of the VMA’s in 1984, the awards have had more or less the same design. MTV’s premier broadcast was footage of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission, and that imagery has stuck with MTV all this time. 

Kehinde Wiley is the creator of the new floral statue design, also effectively renaming the statue a more gender-inclusive ‘Moon Person’ rather than Moon Man. Wiley mentions this is to represent the cultural shift that’s happening in support of equality and representation - according to Rolling Stone.

The vines and flowers are meant to represent the many different ethnicities that are woven into America (and really, music for that matter), and each seed and growth has a significance.

Watch the MTV VMA's come September 12th.