Opening of Super Nintendo World DELAYED

Super Nintendo World is a theme park at Universal Studios Japan. It's based on a bunch of popular Nintendo video games. It was shceduled to open in July of 2020 but has been delayed indefinitely.

Universal Studios reopened in Japan on June 8th with reduced numbers due to COVID-19 but fears that Super Nintendo World would draw huge crowds caused Universal to delay the opening.  Insiders are saying a 2021 openining is likely.

Details of what's in the park are relatively unknown at this time but some are speculating that the Super Mario series will reign king! Rumours of a Mario Kart-style ride, video game-themed restaurants, and 'Power Up Bands' that will keep track of all the activites you particpate in around the park.

This video from GameXplain on YouTube is a great overview of what we can expect to see at Super Nintendo World when it finally opens! 

- Cruise