Petition circulating to Reopen Gyms in Alberta Called #SaveFitnessAB

As of today many gyms open their doors to 1:1 personal training but that is not an affordable option for everyone. Some Albertans are joining together and signing an online petition for the government to reopen gyms and fitness centres. 

Here's what the petition says: 

"Gyms are a key part in everyone's health and wellness. Not to mention mental health. In order for everyone to survive this pandemic we need gyms to reopen, it is essential!

Why can there be thousands of people shopping at a mall at all times and we can't limit to 15% capacity for our gyms? 

Running a gym as a small business owner is tough under regular circumstances, and no one would do it just to have a business. It is a love for the world of fitness, sports, strength and the community that these facilities create.

We must reopen the gyms now in order to save everyone from future health problems, especially mental health, as well as the sense of community they provide when we are not allowed to see anyone in our own homes.

Sign this petition to reopen gyms across Alberta. We must take a stand."

As of right now over 30,000 people have signed it. To view the petition and more information click HERE! 

- Katie Stanners