Pizza Hut just unveiled their new Hawaiian Pizza Shirt for pineapple pizza lovers

The on going debate of pineapple on pizza. Some feel very strongly about it. So much so that 9% of Canadians would not date someone with a different view point regarding pineapple on pizza. According to pizza hut anti-pineapple people are so anti-pineapple they’d take mashed potatoes, ketchup, brussel spouts and eggs on their pizza over pineapples. LOL!


Not gonna lie… I love Hawaiian pizza! And I also love these new shirts from Pizza Hut. They are a limited edition that they unveiled yesterday to the world so that pineapple on pizza lovers could be proud and share their love for the pizza. They are going to be having contests on their instagram for a chance for you to win one!



Fun Fact 1 in 5 Canadians believes Hawaiian pizza originated in Hawaii but it actually started in Canada in Ontario! 


- Katie Stanners


SOURCE: Pizza Hut and News Wire