Pornhub says Help Flatten the Curve & Self Isolate with Free Premium

Let’s face it, staying at home in self-isolation quarantine isn’t exactly the most entertaining atmosphere, by now you’ve most likely accomplished everything on your spring cleaning list , tried out a few new hobbies, caught up on all your favourite re-runs… so what’s next?

Sitting back and literally enjoying Pornhub premium. The popular adult entertainment website announced yesterday afternoon that they are in support of “Flattening the Curve”. The impact of COVID-19 is something Pornhub is highly aware of; they’re hoping that by offering their premium accounts for free, people will be more inclined to stay at home and self-isolate.

“Stayhome Pub” will be offered worldwide until April 23rd

So take it from Pornhub – STAY at HOME, self-isolate and maybe learn something new about yourself.