Sarah Jessica Parker Confirms ‘Sex & The City’ Revival on HBO Max


Sarah Jessica Parker (Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself) - has confirmed that a REVIVAL chapter of the most infamous ladies of NYC are returning to television.

Yes you read that right, after the final episode of the series aired in 2004, they had two screen Sex and The City films drop, completing the stories of 4 successful women. Lets not forget that the love and friendship of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte didn’t always transpire into the actresses real lives. 

Kim Cattrall playing arguably the best character on the show - Samantha Jones, has made it publicly known that her and SJP did not see eye to eye as “friends” throughout the show. They maintained a professional relationship for the series, but Cattrall has expressed her wishes to not revive the role of Samantha Jones. (Which I am heartbroken about) most likely because of personal disputes with SJP & that she would like to leave Samantha’s legacie as is. Either way, I’m sad to see the revival won’t be doing justice to the original cast, but still excited to see the new lives of Carrie, Miranda & Charlotte.

 - @mariah.mae