~*sPoOkY*~ Happenings: Stories from Virgin Listeners


My step dad was working in a morgue at the Halifax University. Someone was walking around that wasn't part of the crew. He told the guy to leave because it was only for the construction crew and he kept walking right through the wall!!! He actually vanished through the wall. Goosebumps every time I think of it.


When I was in grade 7 a few months after my uncle passed away, I moved to Ontario and made some new friends. They didn't know much about me or even that my uncle passed away. We were dumb and playing ouija board in my friends garden shed with a few candles, they told me it was my turn to ask the spirit a question so I did, wasn't really sure what to say, so I said "what was my uncles name"? Just as kind of a goof, when the ouija board piece started to move, we shockingly threw our hands off of it, the piece moved to "A, M, J, S "  which was my uncles full initials and it spelled out his birth/death date. I ran out of the shed and the candles went out and we burnt the ouija board and buried it in his yard. None of them knew any of that information which is what still terrifies me to this day -


We were at a Halloween party with at least 75+ people and the lights out. The person hosting could not find candles and promised that it was not intentional. It was so scary when no one could see anything. The creepy part was when we looked outside there was someone something in the bushes. All we could see was something dark moving around and that was about the end of the party!


My son who is 1.5 years old always points to the corner of his bedroom and says "ghost name 9" every night before he goes to bed!


My 3 year old shouts look there are dead people fighting in there while pointing at empty apartments. He also tells us "what's going on? Dead people shouting" while pointing at ditches on the side of the road.


This one time, a few years back, with my ex bf. we're laying down at a friends basement talking, and I woke up to use the wash room, while we were talking I heard people moving around, thought nothing of it. But while I walked out the bedroom he had asked me to grab him some juice and while I stopped I kid u not some f***ing thing with a big a** hand grabbed my ankle and growled at me. I jumped and screamed and I thought it was kids playing a trick on me. I called out their, names told them I knew it was them, and then they said what? I was shook, I couldn't move when I realized every one was upstairs and it was just us two down there and some f***ing scary a** ghost or whatever tf it was.


My nephew sees dead people all the time! In homes and in the public Some are good and some are bad, he has gotten older, he knows now how to relate to them or not. This has be going on for about 10 years.


I think that pets sense when something is wrong. When I was a kid I had a cat. In our den we had a huge China hutch that our cat knew it was not allowed on. One day as I'm watching TV the cat starts meowing very insistently and looking above my head. After about two minutes of me ignoring him. He jumps up on the hutch, wedges himself behind A crystal ball sets and starts twitching his tail. He then started making these long whining sounds. Eventually I got up to get him so he didn't break anything. I walk across the room and no sooner did I pick him up, a very large wooden shelf filled with knickknacks falls off the wall. Right where my head was laying on the couch.