St. Albert Home features Mini Local ‘Blockbuster’ for Community

VIA : @mariah.mae


So I decided to take a stroll through St. Albert the other day with my doggo Franklin. Myself, Franklin, and my roommate are walking through a residential area, when we see this blue (perhaps mailbox) we were thinking to ourselves? 

 As we finally get up close to the mailbox structure we realize it isn’t a mailbox at all, it’s a local mini BLOCKBUSTER!! We paused and thought okay, someone put some AMAZING effort into this? There’s no way it’s actually full of movies…. We open it up, and there it is… a whole library of DVD’s, Blu Rays, and yes Xbox games. 

 If anyone knows who’s created this little hidden beauty, please let me know! Your creativeness and sense of community is so incredible! If you’re taking a stroll through St. Albert this little Blockbuster is just across the street from Lorne Akins junior highschool! And yes it has the same rules as a traditional blockbuster, return your "rentals" please and thank-you! 

- @mariah.mae

VIA: @mariah.mae

VIA: @mariah.mae