The Bachelor Recap - 10th Episode - March 2


Episode 10:

The Bachelor Women Tell All episode was last night.

Probably my least favourite episodes of The Bachelor/Bachelorette because of how childish all the contestants are. Last night was a prime example of that: all the women yelling over top of each other, a lot of eye rolls and a few tears.



An interesting take on having the rose ceremony kick off the episode though.

We were left with a cliff hanger last week wondering if Madison was still on the show. They make it seem like she is not going to show up and then she does.

Peter gives Hannah Ann a rose and then gives his last rose to Madison. The suspense builds as we wonder if she will even accept his rose and we can hear his heart beating. Madison says “Yeah” and Victoria F gets sent home.

Madison gives a speech and says “Here’s to seeing if love can conquer all” an awkward moment for all 3 of them having a toast.

The two day finale comes next week on Monday and Tuesday night in what is promised as the most dramatic ending of The Bachelor ever.

- Katie Stanners