The Bachelor Recap - 5th Episode - Feb 3


Episode 5:

3 hour episode

At the beginning of the episode Alayah drama continues and Peter decides it’s best to send her home. She probably didn’t need to be back on the show but to send her home after just bringing her back? I think it was kind of uncalled for on Peters end and kind of shows he has no idea what he’s doing. I feel like we haven’t really even gotten a chance to know many of the girls this season because the drama between a few has been out of control.

Next stop – Costa Rica!

Highlights: Peter hit his head on a golf cart and stabbed himself with his glass. He’s so clumsy it’s charming almost.

Date 1:

Sydney and Peter heat things up on the 1st date of the week.

Highlights from the date:

  • Peter tells Sydney she’s the best kisser out of the group. Kind of weird and awkward to say when you are dating multiple people who all live together.
  • Peter asked Sydney if she speaks Spanish and she says a little. He then talks to her in Spanish and she has no idea what he’s saying.

While on the date with Sydney back at the hotel Kelsey unravels a bit and cries and looks to Tammy for comfort but Tammy has other motives.

Group Date:

Just what every girl wants to do on a group date – be in a swim suit competing for a man’s attention. The girls have a swim suit photo shoot and basically multiple of the women make out with Peter in front of the group.



Highlights from the date:

  • Victoria F wins the photo shoot – it was also her birthday which she had to remind Peter about because he forgot.
  • I think at this point we start to see perhaps Peter likes the drama because he seems to like to stir the pot.
  • Tammy throws Kelsey under the bus by calling her emotionally unstable. Tammy knows she is not one of the front runners and to be honest I think she’s just being a mean girl at this point. When Kelsey asks who told Peter she was emotionally unstable no one came forward.
  • Hannah Ann gets the group rose

Date 3:

I’d say this is the date that stole the show. Kelley brought a realness that we don’t often see on the show.  

Kelley and Peter have some tough conversations during this date which make it seem unclear whether or not Kelley will receive a rose… also makes it unclear if Kelley wants a rose.  She asks herself before the date am I in to this or not? Peter makes mentions to the camera he feels he’s giving more to Kelley than she’s giving to him.  

Highlights from the date:

  • Kelley calls Peter on rewarding drama and she raises the question if he is ready to be married at the end of this. “Is he ready for this?”
  • Kelley talks about what she wants in a partner and how she’s not going to settle if she doesn’t get that.
  • Peter admits Kelley challenges him and gives her the rose.




Pre Rose Ceremony:

Kelsey tries to talk things out with Tammy but it doesn’t go well. Tammy becomes a bit of a bully to Kelsey. Saying she drinks too much and when Kelsey starts crying Tammy says she’s too emotional. Basically just being a mean girl.

Kelsey goes to Peter to tell him her version of the truth. He gives her a rose and says he doesn’t need a rose ceremony to know he wants her there.

Rose Ceremony:

Chris Harrison joins the ladies to say the cocktail party has been cancelled. That’s when the girls start to unravel.


  • Mykenna’s tongue wins the internet. She is almost cleaning her teeth with her tongue or perhaps she needs some chap stick. No one really knows.
  • Things get heated towards Tammy when the girls call her on talking about other girls to Peter instead of their own relationships.
  • When the Rose ceremony is on Tammy asks to talk to Peter right before it started also Mykenna goes to speak with him. Lexi gets angry and calls it a “mini rose ceremony” because she didn’t get any time either.
  • Peter gave the last rose to Tammy over Lexi and that made me sad.



Too much drama this week tomorrow there will be another episode! 


- Katie Stanners