The Bachelor Recap - 7th Episode - Feb 10th


Episode 7:

Peter and the 6 remaining girls go to Lima Peru.

Band-Aid update: Peter finally gets it removed this episode.



Date 1:

Madison and Peter go on a boat

Can we all just acknowledge that Madison is SO pretty and quite possibly way too good for Peter?


  • Peter admits that he can see Madison being his best friend. He also tells her that he’s falling in love with her.
  • Madison tells Peter faith in a relationship is very important to her.
  • She’s going to hometowns.

Date 2:

Natasha and Peter go off to explore but unfortunately their connection doesn’t seem as strong as some of the other girls. They can’t catch up and Peter decides to send Natasha home. To be honest I’m shocked that Natasha got picked over Sydney last week anyways. I thought Sydney and Peter had a stronger connection.

Date 3:

Kelsey and Peter climb up a mountain together and talk about what they are looking for in a partner.


  • Kelsey didn’t cry this episode and actually seemed pretty normal. She might be my new favourite to win.
  • It seems Peter really appreciates their relationship and says it’s special.
  • Kelsey is going to hometowns.

Date 4:

3 on 1 date – Victoria F, Kelley and Hannah Ann. Tensions run high as there are only 2 roses which means 1 of them is going home.


  • Hannah Ann wrote Peter a love letter it was pretty cute.
  • Kelley is cool as a cucumber and is over confident that she is getting a rose.
  • Victoria F is a crying hot mess as per usual.  
  • Peter gives Victoria F and Hannah Ann roses and sends Kelley home.

Hometown dates next week! Looks like there will be lot’s of drama with the families and Peter won’t know how to handle it.



- Katie Stanners