The Lot - 124 Street’s New Food Truck Hangout Spot



It’s so wonderful to see all the awesome hangout spots popping up in Edmonton. Especially as things start opening up, NOW is the time to find your new faves. 

And over the past little while, The Lot - a hangout spot on the corner of 124 St and 107 Ave has been created and put into action by Hon Leong. 

Leong has been planning this since before the pandemic, envisioning a micro-food hub on that corner that encourages the community to get together, and would feature a rotation of local food trucks, vendors, and local artists and buskers! They also plan to keep The Lot open through the winter months, putting in a fireplace!

To find out where and when food trucks will be there, click here. 

It’s right near downtown if you fancy a walk down Jasper Ave or the Victoria Promenade afterwards. 

Check it out: