Top 20 Ways To Get To Know Your Partner Better


The Hasbro Game company did a survey of 2000 people and asked them the best activities to do with a partner in order to get to know them better. Taking a vacation together was the first answer 54% of the time. 

1. Go on vacation together
2. Cook a meal together
3. Go on a day trip together
4. Meet their friends
5. Meet their parents
6. Play a game together
7. Watch a film together
8. Move in together
9. Spend Christmas together
10. Listen to music together
11. Visit each other’s hometowns
12. Go for a drive together
13. Do DIY project together
14. Buy a home together
15. Have an argument
16. Start a family together
17. Play a competitive sport together
18. Take a dance class together
19. Go to the gym together
20. Buy a car together