WATCH: Adam Sandler Celebrates 25 Years of Happy Gilmore with Iconic Golf Swing

“GO to your HOME!” - Adam Sandler was truly at the buddig success of his career when this movie came out - arguably one of his most successful roles and characters, how could he not celebrate 25 years of ‘Happy Gilmore’. 



Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore were Sandler’s largest Hollywood hits, coming out in back to back years 1995 & 1996. Adam Sandler now has his own production company named after the two movies, Happy Madison Productions Inc



In this clip below you’ll see the sandman himself lighting up the ball off the tee, fully slipping back into the Gilmore swing like no time has passed at all. Christopher McDonald even reprised the classic ‘Shooter McGavin’ role with a clap black clip. Take a look! 



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— Shooter McGavin (@ShooterMcGavin_) February 16, 2021