Watch: 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal' Double-Feature Trailer



If you grew up in the 90’s/early 00’s, then you might’ve been obsessed with Sailor Moon. 

An incredible animated show featuring a wicked storyline and also strong well-rounded female characters? YES. 


What’s more exciting: there’s going to be a new double-feature for Sailor Moon released by Netflix! 

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie

is set to take place after where the third season of the reboot Sailor Moon Crystal left off. It will follow the Dream arc storyline of the original manga series made by Naoko Takeuchi who is also a creative supervisor.

It will have the same English-dub voice actors as the series (very exciting for OG fans of the show).

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal has already been released in Japan, and is meant to release outside of Japan on the 'Flix in June.

Check out the trailer!: