Where, O Where, Has the Toilet Paper Gone



Where, oh where, has the toilet paper gone?

There’s a high demand for toilet paper in the wake of the coronavirus COVID-19. 

People are stocking up amid the fear of supply shortages, making sure they’ve got the necessities if something were to happen. 

And it’s not just in the city, it’s worldwide! People have shared videos of fistfights in grocery stores, pallets of TP at Costco are going fast, #toiletpaper is trending on twitter. 

News stories are coming out across the world about toilet paper. 

A text came in at 104104 from Virgin listener Lynnette saying: 

We were just told by a clerk that works at Costco that there was 320 people lined up at open to get in just to buy toilet paper, Kleenex, and paper towel. They were sold out at open.