Video: Canada’s Olympic Women's Rugby Team spotted Sporting Orange in Game


#EveryChildMatters is such an important value amongst Canadians right now, it’s being carried over and known at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. 

 We’re showing support and unifying our message by continuing to wear Orange wherever and however we can!

The Canadian Women’s Rubgy 7’s are currently underway at the Olympic games, and they’re crushing it right now!! Already taking an insane win against Brazil 33-0!!! 

 One Tiktoker was taking in the brutality of this game, and happened to notice that every single one of the team Canada players was sporting the colour Orange somewhere on their uniforms… 

Whether it be a hair elastic, orange shoelaces, orange medical tape… The message was coming in loud and clear that they are there representing every forgotten child, and showcasing the importance of our Indeigenous peoples. - @mariah.mae







women's rugby is BRUTAL and I love it 🤩😍 #tokyoolympics #tokyo2020 #rugbysevens #teamcanada #indigenouslivesmatter #lgbtqplus #foryou

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