What to Know Before Watching 'Squid Game'



Subs, not Dubs!

Squid Game is entirely in Korean, and you need to watch with subtitles! Subtitles make the show so much more immersive and keep your focus on the brilliant actors in the show. It keeps the pacing of the scenes and the emotion in the scenes the way it was originally filmed - rather than a bunch of distracting English voices (dubs) overtop of an already brilliant scene. 

As Parasite’s director Bong Joon-Ho said in his Golden Globes acceptance speech, “Once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you’ll be introduced to so many more amazing films.”

Dystopian Anxiety

Personally, Squid Game reminds me of a mix of Battle Royale, Hunger Games, and Black Mirror - HOWEVER Squid Game is COMPLETELY its own. It's actually set in present-day Korea and its critique of capitalism and the current world climate is very poignant, not far off from the world currently (which may be the point, actually).

Be ready to be on the edge of your seat every episode while you watch in suspense as the games continue, and as the characters battle through this crazy world. 

It’s a very interesting study of the human condition, and can be hard to watch at times. 

As is similar with Battle Royale and Black Mirror, be ready for mature themes and violence. Everything fulfil a purpose in the plot and is imperative to telling this story.


Watch the trailer below and decide for yourself if you think you can handle the show!