You can see a Giant Mammoth at Edmonton's Deep Freeze Festival


Wow this would be an incredible date night idea here in Edmonton.

The Deep Freeze Festival is officially underway and it will be running all the way until January 23, 2022.

Go with your friends and see all the beautiful sights this event has to offer. 

Bring your cohort, spark your wonder, and promenade through a gallery of light, culture and beauty. As you walk through Borden Park you will happen upon giant lantern sculptures, you might spot a woolly mammoth, some jellyfish, and or even a rainbow. There will be ice sculptures of creatures that roamed Under the Ancient Arctic Sky—polar bears, buffalo, and maybe a megalonyx or two! Learn about the folklore of the Ukrainian, Francophone, Indigenous, Inuit and Métis cultures through art installations, featuring world-renowned Edmonton artists. There will definitely be an Instagram moment or two, so have those cameras ready!

Enjoy some pictures to get an idea below. More info can be found on the events website here: