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  • Living in the COVID Era - THE NEXT NORMAL

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  • Friday March 31 Hour 4 - | Crouse Movies | Slow News Day

    Richard Crouse - host of the podcast Last Call with Richard Crouse, and our favourite movie critic, has three previews for us and NEWSTALK Tonight with try to guess how Richard rated them!  This Week: Dungeons And Dragons and a whole lot more!

    The slow news stories of the day… the stories not worthy of all the other shows on the station you’re listening too… we have them here and decide IS THIS NEWS?

  • Friday March 31 Hour 3 - Rogers-Shaw Merger | The Feels | April Fool's | Streaming This Week

    Rogers takeover of Shaw approved, with conditions. Is this a good deal for Canadian consumers? We talk to Daniel Tsai - Law & Tech Professor TMU and UofT. He is also the editor of 

    We analyze the Good News Stories of the Week, on the Feels. 

    Some fun April Fool's Day pranks that have gone viral 

    And finally Whats Streaming this Weekend? Tv Critic Amber Dowling has the deets!

  • Friday March 31 Hour 2 - Train of Thoughts | Tech Oops | Laura Fixes Everything

    All Aboard! Jim's Train of Thoughts... derailing your mind.

    A chat about your technology moments. We bring on Canadian Comedian Simon Rakoff, who used to sell computers and he tells us about some of the ridiculous service requests he has received. Also some of your calls of your "ooops" moments with technology.

    And Laura Babcock is on the show for Laura Fixes Everything. They segment where we try to fix some of the political controversies of the week.