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  • Living in the COVID Era - THE NEXT NORMAL

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  • Jesting The News; The Feel; Survival; Airplane Etiqette

    DylanGott and Dave Martin join the Late Showgram to talk about this weeks weirdest and funniest news stories. Jim and Producer Tony check out some of the feel good stories of the week and decide whether they get the feels. And update on the Gabby Petito Story. Officials have confirmed to be the remains of what might be Petito's partner Brian Laundrie, who had been missing for several weeks and was wanted by police for questioning.  Robert Urban is the Chief Instructor and Founder of The Urban Survival Academy. He and Jim speculate on the fate of Laundrie and why an experienced hiker would have been missing for so long. Unwritten rules of flying on the airlines. The Late Showgram is joined by Stan from FlyWell on the Late Showgram to discuss etiquette on planes. This does not go the way Jim planned.  #Comedy #Feels #GoodNews #Survivalist #FlightEtiquette #airplaneEtiquette #travel       
  • Christmas Decorations; AOC; Corona vs COVID; Strong Opinions

    A mish mash of topics to start off the Showgram. Jim asks if anyone has already seen Christmas Decorations; Later he responds to a text about how much he likes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Jim read out text messages we have collected from the board this week, that were obviously meant for someone else. Finally Strong Opinions, that Don't Matter.
  • David Cooper: Sexy and Date Night

    David Cooper joins the Showgram as he does every week at this time. What have people said is sexy about you? What is your go to date night?