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We are excited to announce that AJA is our Future Star! Check her out.

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  • Living in the COVID Era - THE NEXT NORMAL

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  • Jim's Bike 'Theft' Story; Why Are All Liam Neeson Movies The Same?

    Jim's story about biking to Loblaws garden centre, leaving it there after getting a ride home, then forgetting about it & thinking it was stolen...  Jim wasted $14 on a Liam Neeson movie rental: Why are they pretty much all the same now?...  Jim tells his story about his girlfriend's plan to have people over on her birthday, despite stay-at-home orders... COVID in the USA: CDC now saying it's not a good idea right now, no way of knowing who's been vaccinated & who's lying... Will we see the same thing here?
  • Muse The News, 'Mom Swap' Interview, and 'Oops I Dated Again'

    Jim Muses the News of the Day... David Cooper (Burning Man Information Radio): Traveling in the US & mask-wearing at airports...  'Mom-swap' interview...  Jim talks about his brother getting precious about fart jokes...  David's mom tells stories about his childhood...   'Oops I Dated Again' with David Cooper & Natasha Vinik (Comedian)...  
  • 'Oops I Dated Again', Spiteful Spending, and Terrible Confessions

    David Cooper (Burning Man Information Radio) and Natasha Vinik (Comedian) play 'Oops I Dated Again'...    On a walk in NYC, David discovered a "Hess Triangle", a plaque that reads "Property of the Hess Estate which has never been dedicated for public purposes"... what's something you spent money on out of spite? COVID struggles: Are you feeling left behind?... Terrible confessions: Jim's story about stealing money from his mom to go to a strip club...