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  • Living in the COVID Era - THE NEXT NORMAL

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  • Monday March 20 2023 Hour 3 – Pet Custody | Spring Backward? | Tech with Carmi

    Richard Crouse is guest hosting!Divorcing Canadian couples spending thousands on pet custody court battles and to tell us more, Rebeka Breder - Founder of Breder Law - Animal Rights LawyerWe reach out to our favourite space scientist Paul Delaney - Professor Emeritus of Astronomy, York University to talk about why spring comes earlier next year.Soon you may not get as much news posts on facebook! In fact, a Parliamentary committee summons Mark Zuckerberg over Meta's threat to block news.  We talk with Carmi Levy as he breaks this down and other tech stories of the day. 

  • Monday March 20 2023 Hour 2 – Climate Change Report | Spring Arrives | Breaking Traffic | Zellers Opens This Week

    Richard Crouse is guest hosting!Spring has sprung! So when's the warm weather finally arriving in your city? We find out with David Phillips - Senior Climatologist for Environment Canada.The UN just released a landmark climate-change report. Here are 3 big takeaways from the report with Kent Moore  PhD, Professor of Physics at U Of TorontoU.S. driver charged with stunt driving 'didn't realize' Ontario speed limits aren't posted miles - NEWSTALK Tonight’s Crime Specialist Mark Mendelson, was once a traffic cop… Back when we still used miles. He tells us some of the reasons and excuses he heard from speeders.Retail Analyst Bruce Winder joins us to talk about Zellers opening inside Hudson’s Bay stores in Ontario, Alberta this week!

  • Monday March 20 2023 Hour 1 – Intl Happiness Day | The Rundown

    Richard Crouse is guest hosting!It’s international happiness day, how did Canada rank on the happiness scale?On the Rundown with Mike Kakuk and Laura Babcock discuss the big stories of the day and look forward to tomorrow’s perp walk!