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Future Star Jessia

We are excited to announce that Jessia is our Future Star! Check her out.

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  • Living in the COVID Era - THE NEXT NORMAL

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    Royal Rumble .. What song gets played because the Showgram does not have a budget?   Jim is crushed by hate from George Norby Fans  .. he turns to another celebrity who has gone thru the same.   A Heartbreaking call about Mental Health   An Expert talks about how to deprogram QAnon or Trump Fans   Jim Bits

    Who is George Norway? Why is he mad at Jim   Copycat Crimes and how did a criminal get caught because of Cheetos   Jim Tells you when you are grown up   Will there be another insurrection today March 4 th   Hear from a Professor who admits to doing heroin.   And Jim Bits​
  • March 3 Showgram

    Huge Show. Praise from a radio consultant. Lets Cancel Cancel Culture.  Is it just liberals who cancel stuff? There was a narc at your High School jimBits