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  • Living in the COVID Era - THE NEXT NORMAL

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  • What has the pandemic done to friendships in general?

    David starts the show with some stories from the weekend including the crime story of the year... the mystery of the paved driveway. Our call in topic tonight is: What has the pandemic done to friendships in general? and how have your relationships changed during the pandemic? A game of Would You Rather with producer Tony
  • Serious Sunday with Tony Five

    Serious Sundays with foreign correspondent Tony Five live from London, England. Tonight we discuss how happiness happens.
  • Sex Ed. With Samantha Bitty

    Samantha Bitty is a sexual health and consent educator, speaker, certified Emotional Intelligence coach and social change entrepreneur. She joins the Overnight Show every week to discuss, sex and relationships. This week: Information about panic attacks during sex and the alternative ways we can have intimacy. Learn more about Samantha Bitty at her website or check her out on Twitter and Insta @Samantha_Bitty #sexhealth #consent #sexeducation