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  • Living in the COVID Era - THE NEXT NORMAL

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  • Sayings We Hate; Exagger-Dating; Cult People; Dirty Windshield

    Sayings we hate such as "with all due respect" and "It is what it is". What common sayings do you hate? Jim explains exagger-dating. Cult People: What product/service do you love and brag about. Jim loves his BBQ, Producer Tony loves Apple products. We get calls from some of your favourite things. One of our regular callers has a question about how to get her car windshield clean. You, the great listeners of the Showgram, call in with the save. Showgram listeners are heroes!  
  • David Cooper: Fight with the Therapist and the Happiest Day

    David Cooper joins the Showgram as he does every night at this time. He discusses a few things including a fight with his therapist. Later he asks the Show what the happiest day of their life was. Both Jim and Producer Tony add some recent and even distant happy days.
  • Empty Grocery Shelves; Patrick Maliha; The Great Canadian Baker; A Life Perspective

    The Food Professor, Sylvain Charlebois is Senior Director, Agri-Food Analytics Lab, Dalhousie University joins the Showgram to discuss how to deal with empty grocery store shelves The Showgram welcomes the comedian from the west, Vancouver based Patrick Maliha to the show, and this week he talks about how to buy a car! Aurora’s Steve Levitt applied to be on the “Great Canadian Baking Show,” for several years and did not make the cut. This year is different. The married father will don an apron for the fifth season of the CBC show as one of 10 amateur bakers featured from across Canada. Steve joins the Showgram to talk about his experience, just after the first episode aired across the country this past weekend. One of the Showgrams regular callers calls in to talk to Jim about his perspective on life after prison.