10 Ways To Spend The Last Long Weekend Of The Summer in Halifax

Kat's Blog- Last Long Weekend


We’re headed into the LAST weekend of summer and although we’re sad... Let’s make the best of it and get outside & enjoy. The weather is supposed to be great, but if you’re stumped on what to do, here are a few ideas!





Although, the Camping season in Nova Scotia last for at least another month it’s a long weekend which mean more time hanging out in nature & more s’mores!


The Harbour Watercraft

A great group activity & great views on the city!



We all know Nova Scotia has 100000000 beautiful Hiking trails, the weekend looks like perfect weather to hit up your favorite spot!


Rent a Scooter

E-Scooters are new to Halifax this year& if you haven’t had the chance to hop on one.. This is it!


Apple Picking

It’s *STILL* Summer Guys.. But who doesn’t love a good apple pie?


Tubing on the Gaspereau River

Tubbing on the Gaspereau River is a MUST in the summer! It’s pretty much nature’s lazy river and an awesome way to spend the days.


Wine Tour

 If you think you’ve been to every winery in the Valley.. YOU HAVEN’T. There’s so many new spots to check out this summer & if wine is not your thing.. There’s also Cider Houses & Breweries!


Visit McNabs

This is defiantly a must if you have not been. A great way to spend the day exploring and amazing views on the city!

Beach Day

We only have so many a year in Nova Scotia and this weekend’s weather looks AMAZING!


Go to the Movies

So, the weather is going to be awesome this weekend... but for the first time in MONTHS there’s actually some really good movies out!

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