Best LOCAL Accounts to Follow for at Home Workouts!💪🧘‍♀️

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So, let’s be clear... it's totally ok to hangout on the couch and watch all the movies & TV you can. These are WEIRD TIMES, and we have to do whatever is BEST for our mental health. If part of your mental health is working out regularly or even if that’s something you want to try, it’s kind of hard when everything this closed and we are STAYING HOME. Thankfully, there are tons of local fitness instructors and studios offering at home workouts via websites, Instagram, Facebook and more. Some of them are even offering them FOR FREE!! Here are a few you’ll want to follow to keep your fitness goals and good mental health. 



























Kettlebell/Calisthenics/TRX/Creative Weights




Tabata/Low Resistance/Mobility/Kickboxing/Yoga/Cardio/Strength






@bedfordotf @otfhalifax

Rowing/Running/Weight Training



Tabata/Low Resistance/Mobility/ Weight Training/ Lifting/Cardio/Strength





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