Do Babies See Ghosts?

6 months old now.

Have you ever heard of the theory that babies can see ghosts? Well… They see them more than adults can. At least, that's the theory.

If you don’t believe in ghosts, this won’t change your opinion. About half of Canadians believe in ghosts. But have you ever seen a baby just smiling at thin air? Looking, fixated on something that’s not even there? Laughing at a corner that looks so bare and boring? It can be enough to change to a new pair of pants. The twins here stopped eating and both giggled and smiled at nothing:


Twins stopped eating to look at something


I added the Sepia tone filter for effect LOL


First of all, infants have a sort of “super sight.” We lose it by eight months because our brains learn what differences are important to notice, but they notice things more than an adult might.

Also, kids brains are larger than adult brains based on proportion, about 130 % larger! Babies live on their own kind of “brainwave.” Their brains see and hear things that they understand. Their innocent minds have their own perceptions which allows them to talk to imaginary friends and they aren’t forced to believe a certain concept over another, until we as their parents teach them.

Apparently if you believe your baby can see ghosts when they’re an infant, just tell them they aren’t real and eventually your kid will believe it to the point where they don’t even notice it anymore. You can train their minds to hide (it in a way.)

How can we determine this? The truth is, you could never prove that babies can see something that's never 100% been proven before anyway, but I like to believe!

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