For Anyone Thinking of Becoming a PLANT PARENT! 🌱🌿

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Until recently I would call myself a GRIM REAPER of house plants. It didn’t seem to matter what type, or if it was an EASY CARE or HARD TO KILL plant. I would kill it, in record time.


It’s really not that surprising I wasn’t a great plant parent,  I can go full days without water, I never make it to bed at a decent time and chicken nuggets are a LARGE part of my diet.

But, I was so envious of any living space that had lush green plants that glowed in the sun and thrived in cute plant pots. So, I decided I was going to learn how to be the perfect plant parent no matter how much pruning, watering and dirt it took. To my surprise there were TONS of spots in Halifax that offered loads of BEAUTIFUL PLANTS and LOTS of helpful INFORMANTION!


Here are a few spots to check out if you‘re a STRUGGLING PLANT PARENT:



Independent Mercantile Co.


This was actually the first place I went.  They aren’t a FULL ON Plant Shop, but I kinda found that less intimidating. The staff are AMAZING and VERY helpful!




Halifax Seed

These guys are OBVIOUSLY experts when it comes to plant care, outside or inside! They also have everything you need to care for your plants like, soil, watering cans, fertilizer’s and plant food!





Kent Building Supplies

I recently purchased a Pothos from The Kent Garden Centre and was pleasantly surprised and their selection.  (Also, Pothos are a GREAT starter plant. They are on the bigger side but are pretty independent and don’t require a whole lot of sun. They make a great hanging plant too!)





Audrey’s Little Shop of Plants

The shop is EVEN cuter than the name if you can believe it! They have a HUGE selection of plants that you won’t find anywhere else and VERY HELPFUL!





The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop has been a fav of mine for fresh cut flowers but they also have LOTS of beautiful plants and pots to put them in!







Ikea actually has a great selection of plants right before you head to the warehouse to pick up your new POÄNG chair.  What makes them great is that they are cheap, they have a good selection and if this Plant Parent Journey doesn’t turn out… they also sell some very nice looking fake plants.


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I also found it SUPER helpful to follow a bunch of accounts on INSTA for some PLANT INSPO. Here are a few of my favs!



AWESOME if you have pets and want to know which plants are safe for your fur babies!


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Ecstatically BEAUTFIUL and will answer your plant questions if you DM!


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Super cute couple from Montreal, they give lots of good tips on care and what works best in your space!





This girl is from HALIFAX, awesome tips and plant inspo and the low down on what’s available in Hali!


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I hope this has been helpful to all of you inspiring Plant Parents. Let me know if you have ANY questions, I’ll do my best to not give you bad plant advice.

🌿🌿 -kat