Four hidden gems of Halifax we didn’t know about

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One of our first favorite hidden gems is the spa at Portland Street Honda. Whether you are or you aren’t a client of Portland Street Honda, you still have full access to their spa. Yes that is right! Portland Street Honda located on 36 Baker drive has a spa and everyone is welcome to get any treatment there. How awesome?


Did you guys also know that when you fill your car up with gas at any Sobeys Fast Fuel you receive a coupon receipt. This receipt allows you to make any purchase at any Sobeys grocery stores in the HRM. We think this is a great idea. We usually just collect all of our coupons and buy whatever we crave at Sobeys! Who else does this? 


Another really cool hidden gem is the outdoor library at the Keshan Goodman Library. We all love the hammocks on the waterfront but sometimes we never get a chance to enjoy them because their always occupied. If you want to enjoy laying down on a hammock while reading a book you love, Keshan Goodman is the place to be this summer! 

Last but not least. MEZZA! YUM! Mezza just opened one of its newest locations at 349 Herring Cove Road. This is the second Mezza location with an outdoor patio, aside from the Clayton Park location .We love going to Mezza but we also love saving money! Don’t forget to ask about the daily specials menu. That way you can save money while eating something you love!