Going Bald Could Be from One Thing and You Can Fix This

Turk wearing a helmet

Turk used to wear a helmet because he was nervous that his hair was thin and balding.


If you work long hours and you're going bald or afraid of the idea of going bald... you're not alone. BUT, there's a solution to this and it's not necessarily easy. 

Cut back your hours at work. Cut out the stress.

A study done in South Korea recently found that men who work over 50 hours a week at their job lost hair twice as fast as those that were also going bald working under 40 hours a week.

It's because of stress from working. Everyone can be stressed out from work, but especially if you work most of the daylight hours working. It can get to you, and now we are seeing a trend that it can make you BALD.

No worries though, bald is in now more than ever!

We spoke about this on the morning show and got some people's perspectives from here in the city. Listen underneath:



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