Halifax is getting a super cute General Store (à la Rose Apothecary)!

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Halifax and the fictional town ‘Schitt’s Creek” from the Hit (Canadian!!!) TV series don’t have much in common. We don’t have a Rosebud Motel, or a Café Tropical with a menu the size of an encyclopedia & thankfully our city wasn’t found by a man named Horace Schitt. We will however have one AMAZING thing in common soon. A super cute General Store (à la Rose Apothecary) is opening up VERY SOON! 



That’s right, The Lemonade General Store is coming to the Hydrostone Market in the North End of Halifax! 



The own, Sara Arsenault worked as a flight attendant for 15 years before deciding to open up her own store in Halifax. In an interview with Halifax Retales, Sarah says she plans on filling the General Store with “Curated, thoughtful items sourced locally”, but also items from across Canada & a few from around the world.

She also says she’s eager to showcase the work of BIPOC makers! 



The store opens November 1st (THIS SUNDAY) at 5525 Young Street! 

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