Ideas for March Break? Go to the Discovery Centre!


If you’ve never been to the Discovery Centre, you’re missing out! My fiancée and I took the twins to check it out and we learned so much! If you have been there before, there’s new stuff added all the time. It’s perfect for March Break coming up! If you need an idea for the kids, the Discovery Centre has you covered! There’s currently Flight, Health, Energy and Ocean galleries, as well as the Rubik’s Cube exhibit and a section on Neutrinos and Dark Matter among other things. Here’s my heat energy selfie from the Energy Gallery:



You learn at the Discovery Centre AND it’s fun! Especially for all ages. The twins turn 3 in April and they loved the third floor the most. It’s a Children’s Gallery with a café. There’s blocks there that have to be connected to carry light from one side to the next. The girls were playing with the toys available, but at the same time they’re not just playing with toys, they’re learning real world situations. There’s a grocery store, a doctor’s office, a kitchen, etc. The kids can pretend like they’re shopping and buying products at the store and ring themselves in.



Like I mentioned earlier, the section on Neutrinos and Dark Matter is super cool. If you’re fascinated with space, then you need to see this. It describes Dark Matter which is something we don’t know much about (even though it’s about 27% of the universe!!) What scientists do know, is right there at the Discovery Centre.



Once you get through the whole Discovery Centre, check out the gift shop which, if you haven’t guessed yet, has things the kids can learn about as well! You can buy an Herb set that you can grow your own herbs with the kids. Also, there’s REAL “Cricket Lickit Suckers.” Would you try?




For more info about the Discovery Centre, visit their website here!


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