Need Ideas For The Kids?

It's been since March 22nd that we've been in a state of emergency in our province and I'm still staying the blazes home.
Is anyone running out of ideas on how to spend their time at home yet? I don't mean with me. It's pretty easy to find things to do for myself, in my opinion. The most challenging part is keeping the kids entertained. 
My daughters are now 3. They just got their first tablets. We never wanted them burying their faces in screens for days on end, but it's actually easy to limit them to a small amount of screen time in the span of a day, and they seem to learn so much with those things.
Also, spending days on the deck with some of the sunny weather we've had lately has been awesome! The girls play with bubbles and drink yogurt, while I sit and drink coffee after working in the early morning. 
How has staying home been for you? Or, if you're working in these times, thank you!!  I hope everyone's been keeping busy and staying safe during this time.

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