Nothing Beats Christmas Nostalgia

Christmas Tree Closeup

There's nothing like that feeling of nostalgia, but it's even better when it's Christmas nostalgia. For me personally, there's something to be said about the power of nostalgia and where you grew up. It's something we can share with other Maritimers, but anyone else just may not appreciate it like we do. 

I instantly think of the Sears Wish Book. Sears is not a store anymore and this digital age hurt the Wish Book, but how can you NOT see this image and have fond memories of your childhood? Anyone from age 25+ probably remembers this:


But let's go more local. Who remembers this Halifax Shopping Centre commercial from '89?

I was born a year before that came out so I definitely don't remember it. It's "before my time" as my dad would say, but still super cool to see. 

But who can forget Mic Mac Mall's Woody the Talking Christmas Tree? Kids today don't understand the joy (or fright) you got from talking to Woody! Rumour has it, he's still in Mic Mac Mall's basement somewhere. 



Speaking of Mic Mac Mall, here's a commercial from '95!



Or what about this Christmas at the Forum ad? Seeing this during a pandemic is almost unbelievable. Look at how we used to gather! What a time we used to live in! 



And then there's MusicStop. That brings back memories. It's now Long & McQuade. Here's an old commercial from MusicStop:



And of course this Hershey Kiss commercial. This airs every year, ever since '89 making it the longest running Hershey commercial ever. To the best of my knowledge, there has never been an updated version, it's always remained the same.



And then there's ATV! CTV is still my favourite local channel and it has been since ATV! Here's a Rudolph commercial from '83. Again, before my time, but whoa! 



Also, who remembers Santa and Scrooge that dominated Canadian Tire commercials for years? 



And how could I forget... The best of all Christmas commercial nostalgia... Sobeys' The Star of Christmas!



...and here's an updated version: 



I hope this brought back memories for you but if not, hopefully it gave you that warm fuzzy feeling. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family bubbles this year!!


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