Swimming with Mermaids? Why not!

Virgin Radio SS- Bedford Days mermaids

We look forward to Bedford Days every year. It is a family friendly event that takes place every year and this year it was from June 27th-Jully1st. We went to the event two days in a row. The first day we went was June 28th and we were able to start off our day with a little bit of zumba in the morning. BEST THING EVER!! We felt energetic for the rest of the day.


The next day we looked at the event line-up online and realized they had a mermaid swimming event! WHAT? We decided to go and see for ourselves and it was the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. There were two women dressed as mermaids and they were swimming around at Lion’s pool in Bedford and the kids enjoyed every minute of it. Too bad we were working otherwise we would’ve gone for a swim ourselves! 


Bedford Days doesn’t end until July 1st and July 1st is the best day to be there. There are lots of events happening in celebration for Canada Day and there will also be fireworks. AMAZING! Make sure you go a little early though since it’s hard finding parking. Happy early Canada Day all!!