The Best Commercials from That Little Football Game Sunday Night

Best Commercials from Sunday - an image hahahaha

The big football game that aired Sunday has some of the best commercials of all time. The cost has reached about $5.6 million USD for a little 30 second time slot. That’s almost 7 and a half million Canadian dollars in 2020.

With prices this high and the amount of viewers every year, no wonder these commercials are well thought out. Some production and pre planning for these massive commercials lasts longer than shooting entire feature length films.

Here’s my favourites:


Bill Murray and Jeep’s Groundhog Day


Going Away Party with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen


Planters with Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes


Ellen and Amazon Alexa


Google – Remember Loretta (get the tissues ready)



Hyundai with Chris Evans, John Krasinski and Rachel Dratch


Doritios with Sam Elliott and Lil Nas X


Quicken Loans with Jason Mamoa


Walmart Famous Visitors


Microsoft Be the One


What commercial did you like best?

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