The murals of Mulgrave Park


Today we went to a super cool event called “Paint the Park.”If you’re into art, this is the place to be! Over the past three years the Bigger Picture Association has been putting on this event for the public to enjoy, in hopes to make it one of the biggest art hubs in Halifax. Paint the park is something very similar to street art. 13 artists locally and internationally come together to paint some of the coolest murals on the sides of buildings here in Halifax. These murals will rank up to 30 by the end of the week.


   A mural of Portia White done by Chris Chanyang


The murals are so captivating and interesting you lose track of time by just looking at them. We enjoyed every minute staring at them! This event takes place every year at Mulgrave park and yesterday was the kick of day for it! If you have no time to go today, don’t worry because the event is a week long and there is lots of time for you to go and enjoy the art!  


fhbbhf Arabic calligraphy by Karim Jabbari


Paint The Park is more than just murals on walls, it’s one community coming together to help change the way people look at Mulgrave park. So, go on out and show your support and help make Paint The Park the new landmark of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This is the begining of a Bluenose mural done by Dan




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