bubble blowing

What is up guys!  It's Jenna and I had so much fun going to all of the Halifax Pride events this year in my 2020 CRV Sport from Portland Street Honda!

From Games Day to Fly a Kite Day, the Pride Social Site at the Garrison Grounds was THE place to be this past week (with COVID safety protocols in place of course!).  There were picnic tables set up in socially distanced circles all over the field, allowing family and close friends to celebrate together amidst the Pandemic! 

The fist day of Pride Week I attended was Bubble Blowing day, so I brought my bubbles and helped fill the sky with them!  The next day was a Picnic Day so I brought a Chicken Shwarma Wrap from Mezza Lebanese Kitchen and had a picnic table all to myself.  The following weekend it was Games Day which was definitely my fav day of all because I got to play washer toss and kick around a soccer ball.  The last day of Pride Week was Fly a Kite Day but there was literally NO wind so my kite didn't fly too high!


I had such a great two weekends at Pride and I am so hopeful that everything will be back to normal next year so I can attend the parade too!  I'll see you soon!





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