#VIRGINRADIOHALILOVE: My Last Weekend this Summer :(

What's up guys, it's Jenna!  I am so so sad to say that my time with #VIRGINRADIOHALILOVE has ended :(  I had the most amazing summer because I got to thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and adventure to new places all around Hali that I had never been before.  I appreciate everyone for tuning in on the radio and sending me suggestions on socials of places I should go to next.  It was definitely a summer to remember! 

This summer could not have happened if it weren't for the amazing sponsors, so I've desginated this final blog to them <3

First up we have Mezza Lebanese Kitchen!  I ate here AT LEAST once a week, they have so many options on their menu and the garlic sauce is to DIE FOR.

Second we have Portland Street Honda!  I would have not been able to go on all of my adventures in my 2020 CRV Sport if it weren't for them.  Everytime I visited the dealership the employees always made me feel at home and were always so pleasant and helpful.

Third we have Sobeys Express Needs and FastFuel!  Without them, I would have not have been able to fuel up the cruiser to go on adventures in.  Plus, Sobeys Express have the best and most FRESH sandwiches.

Lastly we have World Gym Dartmouth!  I gave out so many 1-month memberships to here this summer and would not have been able to stay fit without them.

I had such a great summer cruising around in my 2020 CRV Sport from Portland Street Honda, handing out Swag  Bags that include a 1-month membership to World Gym Dartmouth and $25 gift cards to Mezza and Sobeys Express Needs and FastFuel.  Thank you so much for everything!!! <3






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