We Out Here: Caleb Elias G


This week, we are back for round 2 with Caleb Elias G. 'Hornline Freestyle' will def have you smiling and  struttin' your stuff when you listen to it. It features Arenye [All4Vibez] on vocals. 

Like what you hear? Well, good, because Caleb has three more original releases on the way next month. 

Fun fact? Caleb Elias G teaches guitar and music production and is on the way to becoming a full blown accredited music therapist. Give him a follow below to keep up-to-date with all the new music and maybe hit him up for a lesson! 

Looking for a party? Catch Arenye performing at The Toothy Moose coming up on May 16! [Hit the link to his insta below for details ;) ]