We Out Here: Christ Sampson


This week on 'We Out Here' I am pleased to have on HRM's own, ECMA nominated artist... Christ Sampson.

This one is a real treat. This guy does it all from writing, producing, recording, mixing & mastering, right down to doing his own artwork. 

The song we are featuring this week on Virgin Radio is 'I Am Not Rapping' from the album 'Look Mom No Pen'

Christ Sampson is also part of the group Skinny Blimps https://www.instagram.com/skinnyblimps/ ] and word is they have some new material coming our way in the near future. These guys def give me Beastie Boy vibes...

While we wait, check out his new video for the song 'Programmed For You' below as well and give him a follow on Insta and check out his YouTube page!