We Out Here: Jeffrey


This week, we want you to check out... Jeffrey

Reppin' Halifax, Jeffrey just released his debut EP, 'It Never Works Out' all mixed and mastered by Leland Francis, aka, Waengang K.I https://www.instagram.com/waengang.ki/

Like rap & hip hop? It's got it. Like R&B? It has that, too. It also features fellow Canadian artists, EPDMC https://www.instagram.com/epdmc902/, Mitchell Bailey https://www.instagram.com/mitchellbailey7/ & Ray Reaves https://www.instagram.com/imrayreaves/

The track you'll be hearing on Virgin Radio over the next week is 'All Wrong' featuring Cape Breton's, Mitchell Bailey

When asked how it feels finally having this project out and why he chose to showcase this particular track, Jeffrey had this to say:

"First of all I have to give a HUGE shout out to Leland Francis for not only mixing & mastering the project but being the backbone of it during the recording process. It all starts with a great engineer & he really helped me create something I'm extremely proud of. It's was just a blessing being able to release this & creating it was real therapy to me." 

..."['All Wrong'] was the very first track I had completely finished for the EP besides MAYBE Whisky. I had a complete project finished before this & scrapped it entirely before I went a more RnB route. This track actually made me go more RnB, after I wrote this hook I knew exactly what I wanted to do musically from now on. So it really just has a special place in my heart plus it's beautiful & Mitchell really does a great job."  

Looking ahead, Jeffrey has a full album on the way! He's collaborated with Halifax's Chad Hatcher. Here's what he had to say about that, 

"This is super exciting to me. It's already gonna blow my debut EP outta the water. I've been working really closely with one of my favourite artists to come from Nova Scotia, Chad Hatcher. For people who might not know Chad, he had an amazing project called Tunnels & Pathways that came out in 2008 under Classifieds Halflife Label and is a veteran of the east coast music scene. It will be a very mixed genre project with RnB, Hip-Hop & Country inspired music. Can't wait to start rolling singles out!"

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