We Out Here: Kenni G


Checkin' in with female powerhouse Kenni G this week on #WeOutHere !!

Not only is she paving the way for fellow femme's in the electronic music scene here on the beautiful east coast with her ear for good womps and bleep bloops, her visual performance is unlike any other. She actually created this light up, fog producing mask she pulls out on stage herself.

A trained dancer as well [and member of the Halifax Shufflers https://www.instagram.com/hfxshufflers/], Kenni G uses that skill to bring her on stage performance to life.

This week we are spotlighting Kenni G's fresh release, 'As Above, So Below' ft. Fortunato & Lxvnder Effect, both of which also rep the East Coast --> https://www.instagram.com/iamfortunato/ , https://www.instagram.com/lxvndrrr/ - This is some real home grown stuff right here. 

Give Kenni G a follow to get that link and also stay up to date as to where to find her performing live. Girl's got a heavy duty sched so you have plenty of opportunity to catch a show! 






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